Aum Cafe’

B1/201 Assi ghat, Varanasi, India

933-563-1122     Facebook..Aum cafe’ India


Welcome, to our family cafe’...we work hard to provide a clean, friendly

environment ...our fruits

and vegetables are washed

in purified water with a solution of iodine to kill bacteria..We make fresh daily our sauces, ketchup, bread, curd, soups, cakes and cookies...most of our herbs, spices and teas are organic...We continue our search for other organic products in India, not only for our customers, but to support the awareness of the organic movement, through out the world...This is a vegetarian restaurant..we do not use

meat or egg in any recipes...


Here  we are! 

Sangeeta       Dadi Aum (Shivani)     Shailendra

   Shivansh          Gangesh Aum         Shashank

Walkup the steps of Assi Ghat, behind the temple,         We’ll be waiting !